Self-portrait, July 2018

Self-portrait, July 2018


Julien James Auzan

Images. I've always been drawn to cinema, for its ability to combine both the picture and the sound. But in the end, it's always been about the cinematography, and more precisely, about the image. And I guess that's the reason why photography very quickly came to be a hobby that turned into a professional activity in early 2016.

Career-wise, I've studied and worked in the field of education. Became specialised in the field of ICT integration, which in the end, brought me new skills in communication. I now try to bring all of this back to photography in becoming an independent and freelance photographer specialised in editorial photography and visual communication.

Originally from Paris with mixed origins from South of France and Northern England, and now a Swiss citizen who also lived in America for a year, I'm used to meeting new people all the time. And I love meeting new people. Getting to know their story, and sometimes have the chance to document it, is truly something I love to do. Whenever I visit a new place or simply wander in the streets of places I know, I don't just see a mere urban landscape, but rather people, whose differences and uniqueness often create that special atmosphere resulting in scenes that reflect the poetry out of it.

No wonder I've soon become fascinated with photojournalism and editorial photography. This is how I came to be involved in documenting cultural events, especially plays, and be specialised in portraiture. I now do my best to pursue my career in the editorial field with both my documenting and portrait skills to create unique stories about people I always look forward to meeting. And I do this through my company called IMAGES ET MOTS, based in Fribourg, Switzerland.